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AFA Receives $10,000 Raised by Aboughoushe Family

Aboughoushe Family

Angel Flight Alberta was blessed to receive $10,000 raised by Aboughoushe family. 

Here is what Ameen Aboughoushe, the initiator of the fundraiser told us:
“We applaud you. Thank you so much for all you do. Good people should never ever be taken for granted, and when I heard Dr. Kerry Pawluski’s story, on how and more importantly why Angel Flight Alberta was launched, I was humbled. The story is amazing, and to see how far this organization has come, and how many good people there are out there was truly refreshing. Congratulations Angel Flight Alberta, and to all you wonderful volunteers.”

“It was a great experience in so many ways for all,” says Ameen.

The fundraiser was rather a family event with only Ameen, his wife, four sons, and a nephew helping to collect the funds. 

Over the years Ameen has been a great support for Angel Flight Alberta. He assisted in having work done on our courtesy car at the City Ford dealership he works at. They have so graciously provided all services completely gratis! Besides donating to Angel Flight Alberta personally in the past, Ameen went so much farther this year with his donation campaign raising $10,000! What a blessing he has been.

We would like to thank Ameen and his family on behalf of all our volunteers and families receiving help.