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Angels with Special Wings

Angel Flight Alberta - Diane Cloutier

We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with and helping Diane Cloutier a few times now.  She is a true advocate for our services and we are so appreciative of the kind words that she’s left us here:

“In 2013 I was diagnosed with a medical condition that required me to go to Edmonton every 8-10 weeks.  This meant travel a minimal of 7-10 hours on the bus. This was physically, financially and mentally challenging. I heard from my cousin about angel flights and what a relief. They certainly were angels, I could get to Edmonton within two hours and arrive ready for all my tests and appointments. The flights were fantastic and very informative. Learning about the planes and the instruments and the landscapes as I had never flown before was both amazing and educational. The pilots were so supportive and helpful, the trips flew by.To anyone in need of medical transportation I want to say A.F.A. are angels!   Angelflight.ab.ca should be supported. THEY ARE ANGELS WITH SPECIAL WINGS.”

-Diane Cloutier

Last Flown March 5, 2017