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Angel Flight Alberta - Emylou Del Castillo

Can you tell us why this Angel Flight was required?

I will be having a surgery in Grande Prairie.  A friend promised to pick me up after but no one among them (for so many reasons) can drive me there. 

How did the flight benefit you (and your family)?

It was a relief that Angel Flight was flying me there in just tow hours rather than taking a long car drive. 

What difference did it make for you?

After I got a call from Dr. Kerry Pawluski, I was very thankful.  I am already stressed out thinking about my surgery but even more anxious that I couldn’t get a ride in time for it. 

If you didn’t have Angel Flight what would you have had to do instead?

It was a choice between taking the bus or a long car drive a night before the surgery which will be too tiring for both of us. 

What would you like to say to others about using Angel Flight?

When all options fail, Angel Flight is the best alternative. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I hope everybody knows about Angel Flight, especially those who have no family here to drive them to their medical appointments.  It feels so great to be reassured that you can rely on somebody in desperate times even on short notice.  May your tribe increase. 

Is there anything you can suggest to fine tune or improve our service?

Angel Flight is doing a great service. Carry on.