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Great Alberta Air Race (POSTPONED)

Event Postponed

To our friends and fellow aviators who were planning to attend the Innisfail AFA Fly-In this weekend, the current weather forecast and the lower than anticipated registrations has resulted in AFA deciding to postpone the Fly-In and Air Race to a future date when more can attend. We will be sure to keep everyone posted regarding when we reschedule the Fly-In and Air Race!

The Great Alberta Air Race can take place on August 6 or 7 (pilot’s choice). Aircraft participating in the Great Alberta Air Race will time their run from Caroline to Spruce View when inbound to Innisfail (CEM4). Timing results shall be reported once on the ground at Innisfail. Caroline and Spruce View are communities directly West of CEM4. Pilots must start their timer when directly overhead Caroline and stop timing when directly above Spruce View.

To help ensure fairness and good visibility, pilots should begin their timed run at Caroline at 5,000 ft. ASL and arrive over Spruce View at 5,000 ft. ASL (weather permitting).

August 6 - 7


Innisfail, AB


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