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Our Hero Lincoln

Angel Flight Alberta - baby in an airplane

Flight Completed August 22nd, 2017

Can you tell us why Angel Flight Alberta was required?

We reached out to Angel Flight because our son Lincoln has a rare genetic condition and we needed to get to Edmonton for a surgical consult.

How did the flight benefit you and your family?

Flying with Angel Flight allowed us to spend more time together as a family.

If you didn’t have Angel Flight Alberta, what would you have had to do instead?

We would have booked a ticket on the Greyhound, arriving at the bus station downtown in Edmonton and having to rely on public transit to get us there.  We aren’t very familiar with Edmonton so this would have been pretty stressful and challenging.

What was the highlight of the flight/experience for you (and your family)?

Mike Lane, our pilot, was excellent and he was very kind.

What would you like to say to others about using Angel Flight Alberta?

This is such a wonderful resource! Thank you Angel Flight Alberta!

Cheralyn Forseth