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The #1 Reason We Do What We Do

Angel Flight Alberta

The number one reason we do what we do is for people like this. Receiving testimonials that enforce the good we are providing to Alberta Communities, re-ignites that fuzzy feeling we get deep inside when we’re able help people! Below is a testimonial we received from Becky, in La Crete. Thank-you for taking the time out to let us, and others know how Angel Flight Alberta was able to help you and your family.

“In the past year my transplanted kidney, that I received 15 years ago has failed. Since there is no dialysis unit in the community we live in I have been in Edmonton on dialysis since October. I live in La Crete 7 hours north of Edmonton. My family, husband and four kids are there and have come to Edmonton as many weekends as possible to come and see me. But when it came to Christmas, I really wanted to go home for a few days(3 days) in between dialysis runs. Angel Flight made it possible for me. Instead of driving 7 hours when I’m not feeling great, Angel Flight’s van picked me up from my temporary home here in Edmonton and took me to the airport and within a few hours I was home!!

The flight with Angel Flight made it possible for me to be home and I got to La Crete feeling so much better after a short flight instead of a long drive! Instead of my husband coming to Edmonton one day and us driving back the next, Angel Flight had me home Friday afternoon, giving us so much more time together as a family ❤️️ This way my husband didn’t have to take more time off and make the exhausting drive again.

We are so grateful for the people of Angel Flight (Alberta), the organizers, drivers and pilots. All of these people volunteer their time and abilities to help people like us, people on a medical journey of some kind, and make the aspect of travel so much easier. There’s a of things that are great about living in the north, but all the driving for medical trips isn’t one of them! Angel Flight is an organization that helps with that aspect and we are so thankful to have heard about them and had such a great experience with them!

Thanks again Angel Flight!”
Becky Banman,

Flight done December 23, 2016